• Biotek Maestro Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

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    Biotek Maestro Semi Permanent Makeup Machine
    Biotek Maestro Semi Permanent Makeup Machine
    Biotek Maestro Semi Permanent Makeup Machine
    Biotek Maestro Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

    With its aesthetic design and smart use of high-tech materials the Biotek Maestro is the latest generation of permanent makeup technology and a true Italian icon. Here’s 7 reasons we love Maestro:

    The holy grail of performance

    The Maestro is able to perform perfectly across the full spectrum of aesthetic and medical treatments because it’s equipped with two handpieces. One with a strong hit, designed for maximum saturation effects, and the other with a soft hit, intended for smooth shaded results. This is a device that sets the benchmark, whilst still maintaining an affordable price.

    Power and precision

    Maestros powerful micro-motor propels needles into skin effortlessly and with optimum precision. That means minimal skin trauma, so minimal discomfort for your clients - plus the ability to create the finest detailed work

    Fully equipped for resistant skin

    Responsive digital technologies intuitively feel resistance in the skin and automatically increase the Maestro’s needle pushing-power, as well as maintaining a constant needle speed. All this adds up to an unparalleled intensity of colour in the skin, faster treatment times and fewer retouches too.

    Pre-set for success

    Maestro’s 60 pre-set programs across brows, eyes, lips, scars, areola, scalp pigmentation and vitiligo automatically adjust the device to best mode for achieving a specific effect, making it easier for beginners to pigment like a pro. And if you’re more experienced and want to adjust the settings to suit your personal style manual mode is also available.

    Hybrid Intelligence

    With versatility in mind Maestro can hybrid into a microneedling device, allowing you to offer skin rejuvenation treatment, in conjunction with Biotek’s Reliftalia cosmeceutical range.

    Wireless foot pedal

    With the revolutionary wireless foot pedal you can control the remote ignition, without hindrance, without wires and without losing your ‘skin stretch’.

    The Biotek Maestro comes with digital console, a strong and soft handpieces, high-resistant connector lead, power-pack, wireless on - off pedal, luxury travel case, use and maintenance manual, CE certification and 2 year warranty.


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