• Biotek Pratika Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

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    Biotek Pratika Semi Permanent Makeup Machine
    Biotek Pratika Semi Permanent Makeup Machine
    Biotek Pratika Semi Permanent Makeup Machine
    Biotek Pratika Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

    If you’re taking your first steps into the world of permanent makeup, focused on brows, with reliability and budget high on your wish list, Pratika is the choice for you.

    Here’s a few reasons why this entry-level device has become so popular.

    Premium brand assurance

    You have the assurance and safeguard of the Biotek name on a low investment

    Powerful, yet quiet

    Pratika is equipped with a powerful and impressively quite engine, that drives pigment into the skin effortlessly, achieving great colour retention for your clients

    Light-weight and comfortable to use

    Pratika’s anodized aluminum handpiece and ergonomic design ensures it’s light-weight and comfortable to use, prevents wrist fatigue and allows maximum precision for fine, detailed work

    Ignition activation options

    Pratika’s ignition can be activated via it’s console keypad or on - off pedal, giving you the freedom of choice to suit your technique

    The Biotek Pratika comes with digital console, handpiece, high-resistant connector lead, power-pack, on - off pedal, magnetic support, travel case, use and maintenance manual, CE certification and 1 year warranty.


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    Advanced Brows

    Advance your technique

    Our Advanced Hair Stroke Brow Class will take your hair strokes to the next level. You’ll be creating natural looking brows in a variety of hair growth patterns.

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