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  • 1MicroCosmedicNeedle

    Cosmedic 3 Point Liner Needle

  • 1MicroCosmedicNeedle

    Cosmedic 3 Point Outline Needle

  • 1MicroCosmedicNeedle

    Cosmedic 3 Point Micro Needle

  • 1MicroCosmedicNeedle

    Cosmedic 3 Point Slope Needle

  •  3 Point Micro Needle

    £32.00 ex. VAT

    Needle Characteristics:

    The Cosmedic 3 Point Micro cartridge houses three ultra-fine needles assembled together in a tight circular formation

    It achieves precise fine lines, dense shading, micro points of colour and is also suitable for skin rejuvenation and MCA procedures

    Recommended Usage:

    • Lower lash enhancement and fine eyeliner
    • Lip contour
    • Dense colour mist eyebrows
    • Scar camouflage
    • MCA and skin rejuvenation

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