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Permanent makeup coursesupgrade and update

Build your repertoire and boost your client appeal with one of our Upgrade and Update Permanent Makeup Courses. Using the latest apparatus and pigments, they’re designed to introduce experienced technicians to new technologies and artistic techniques.

These permanent makeup courses are ideal for technicians converting to the state-of-the-art technologies and world-class training that come as standard with the Biotek system. If you’re looking to gain a Level 4 Micro-Pigmentation Qualificaition, or planning to work overseas, you can add a new award to your portfolio - one that's recognised by UK licensing authorities and gives you globally recognised accreditation for your work.

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“Thank you again for the two days permanent makeup training. I feel very confident with my Biotek machine and its capabilities. I can't wait to get going with it now.” Babette

The course is open
to technicians who
qualified at our
Smart-Start level
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Biotek Upgrade Permanent Makeup Courses

Get to grips with the Biotek system

Get hands-on training in how to use Biotek's Maestro device and pigments in the Intense and BioResistent ranges. These 1 and 2 day permanent makeup courses will help you add new dimensions of colour and creativity to your work.

The courses include:

  • The Biotek Maestro device
  • 10 assorted Biotek needle cartridges
  • 13 Biotek pigments
  • Guidance on choosing the best pigments for your client
  • Technical knowledge of how to use the Biotek pigments
  • Training on the Biotek needle configurations and their recommended use
  • A chance to road-test the Biotek Maestro device on synthetic skin
  • Performing a hair stroke eyebrow procedure on a client under expert guidance
    (1-day Biotek Upgrade Permanent Makeup Course. Attendee  must provide model)
  • Performing 3 different procedures under expert guidance (2-day Biotek Upgrade Course)
  • Performing 4 different procedures under expert guidance (3-day Biotek Upgrade Course)

1-day Biotek Upgrade Permanent Makeup Course £4,670 inc VAT
2-day Biotek Upgrade Permanent Makeup Course £5,340 inc VAT  
3-day Biotek Upgrade Permanent Makeup Course £5,990 inc VAT

Upgrade to Level 4 Micro-pigmentation Course

This ITEC qualification is accredited by OFQUAL on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills. Recognised in 38 countries, it puts you on the fast track to an internationally-recognised ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Micropigmentation (QAN 600/3950/4) – a hallmark of quality and assurance for clients that your work meets exemplary standards.

The course is open to technicians who have qualified at Smart-Start level with Natural Enhancement.

It consists of:

  • 40 hours’ distance learning via a web-based platform that provides access to 16 e-learning modules
  • Support of a comprehensive workbook and trainer access via telephone and email
  • 1-day Revision course held at the London academy focusing on the areas of most concern to the learner, based on an analysis of their requirements
  • 1-day theory and practical assessment hosted by ITEC at the London-based academy
  • Attendee must provide models

Upgrade to ITEC Course £760 + VAT (£100 + VAT if updated manual is required)

Colour Expert Course

Biotek's BioResistent and Intense pigment series offer exceptionally concentrated colour formulations in a full-spectrum collection of hues. The pigments are easy to implant and deliver superb colour retention. They’re long-lasting in the skin and resistant to colour change too.

This course includes 14 Biotek pigments - and will leave you confident in selecting and using the right pigments for your clients.

The course covers:

  • Colour theory insights
  • Hands-on colour mixing
  • How to work confidently with the Brows Intense pigment series, the BioResistent eye, lip and mixer pigments and the Rouge Intense lip colours

BioResistent And Intense Colour Expert Course £650 + VAT

One-to-One Confidence Building Courses

Your trainer, your topic, your pace...

Aimed at qualified technicians, our One-to-One Confidence Building courses are a unique opportunity for you to refresh skills you may have forgotten, want to improve – or just want to approach with a completely new perspective.

These 1 or 2-day courses can help you to:

  • Build your confidence
  • Broaden your skills base
  • Gain more fulfilment from your work
  • Enjoy more success with clients
  • Attendees must provide models

You just need to let us know the subject areas you’d like to cover.

Your course can be taken using any system, so we can focus on your specific needs and build your confidence really quickly. Some of the topics you may wish to refresh include:

  • Getting a special treatments licence
  • The preliminary consultation
  • Consultation documents
  • Selecting the right colour every time
  • Using different needle configurations to create different effects
  • Drawing perfect brows, eyes and lips
  • Hair stroke brow techniques
  • Ombre eyebrow techniques
  • Eyeliner techniques
  • Lip blush technique
  • Refill procedures

1-day Course: £1,000 + VAT
2-day Course: £1,725 + VAT

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