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Workshops for professional development 

Looking to move your career on to the next level? Learn the practical skills you need to become an expert artist at one of our advanced semi permanent makeup training courses. They’re aimed at trained technicians who have already qualified at foundation level, whether with Natural Enhancement or another provider.

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“I strongly recommend if you are interested to learn about semi permanent makeup, here is the only place to choose.”Nur

Advanced Hair Stroke Brow Workshop

Your eyebrow masterclass

In the right hands, a pair of eyebrows can have a transformative effect on a client’s face. During this class, which offers lots of practice with real models, you’ll learn to how to create natural-looking brows, in a variety of hair-growth patterns.

The 1-day workshop covers topics including:

  • The correct way to use 1 point needles - including HD, Flexi and Nano
  • Technical skills for creating uber-fine hair strokes
  • Understanding connecting strokes
  • Upward flowing and downward flowing strokes
  • Templates for advanced hair growth patterns
  • Using shading to create dimension
  • Using colour to achieve dimension
  • Attendees must provide their own model

Advanced Hair Stroke Brow Workshop £495 + VAT

Ombre Eyebrow Workshop

One style of brow doesn’t fit all

On this semi permanent makeup training course you'll learn Ombre brow and Sombre brow techniques that simulate the look of eyebrow powder. You'll create shaded brows with a subtle shadow of pixelated colour, that graduates from dark to light. If you need to enhance sparse brows the effect creates the illusion of denser hair growth - and it allows you to imitate completely new powdered brows as well.

This 1-day workshop includes lots of practice on real model and covers topics including:

  • Ombre brows versus Sombre brows
  • Creating natural looking shading
  • The technical skills to achieve pixelated results
  • The best needles to get the effects
  • How to transition from dark to light – graduated shading
  • How to transition from dark to light – advanced brow bulbs
  • Creating a graduated, shaded brow
  • Creating dimension in Ombre brows
  • Attendees must provide their own model

Ombre Eyebrow Workshop £495 + VAT

Advanced Eyeliner Workshop

Master the art of the eyeliner styles that meet the latest market trends

This 1-day workshop offers lots of latex practice and a live demonstration allowing you to leave having the knowledge to create ultra-intense Latino and shaded eyeliners. You'll cover topics including:

  • Choosing the right needles to create the different looks
  • How to create Latino eyeliners
  • Achieving pixel shaded eyeliners that transition from dark to light
  • Creating shaded eyeliners that graduate from one colour to another
  • Create eyeliner effects that are super-saturated with colour, resistant to fading and require minimal refill work
  • Attendees must provide their own model

Advanced Eyeliner Workshop £495 + VAT

Advanced Lips Workshop

Fullness, definition, shape, pigment retention...
Master the art of carrying out successful full-lip and volumising procedures

On this 1-day workshop, which offers lots of practice with real models, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the correct drawing techniques to best enhance lips
  • Understand the three-dimensional form of lips in order to create the illusion of fullness
  • Learn how to use tonal values of colour to create the illusion of volume
  • Achieve lip definition with a contourless result
  • Layer shading for first-rate pigment retention
  • Use the best needles to achieve different effects
  • Attendees must provide their own model

Advanced Lip Workshop £495 + VAT

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